Byd254 Hotel Linens Set


Hotel textiles and hotel towels, which have a significant economic share in hotel purchasing items, are shipped directly from the factory to hotels in Denizli by us. It is delivered from the factory to hotels, hospitals, guesthouses in a quality, hygienic and economical way. This process provides optimum benefit. These products are in the form of hotel hand towel, hotel size towel, hotel foot towel, hotel bed linen, hotel blanket, hotel pillow. These products can be produced by embroidering or directly weaving the hotel's logo in line with customer demands. Another area that our company has served in the hotel textile group is disposable textile products. These products provide financial benefits to the facilities over time as they are economical and labor-intensive. Usage areas of these products hospitals, hotels, hairdressers and various guest houses. The products produced by our company under the name of EMART COLLECTION are in the form of disposable neck towels, disposable towels, practical disposable towels, disposable head towels, disposable foot towels, disposable prayer skirts, disposable prayer headscarves and disposable prayer rugs.

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